Texas Family  - RJ Scott

3.5. stars

The last couple of days I have spent my reading time with the Campbell-Hayes family and all they have gone through from their first meeting all the way through to them starting and possibly completing their family and it was a wonderful journey. While this was not my favorite of the series, it was still another good story. I don't know if it is, but this seemed like the final book in this series, even though it could go on since this story introduced Liam and Marcus and we only got a little bit of them. I both enjoyed this one, but also felt that it was a little rushed. Of course there was a lot of focus on them having their children, however I felt the parts about Max were a little strange and unbelievable. Max is only mentioned a couple of times and seemed their interaction was only on a couple of visits (that we were told about), but all of sudden there is this whole adoption thing. That would have been fine, but why we were told about his special needs, then nothing further said. That part just didn't work for me. I was looking forward to maybe seeing a little more of Robbie/Eli, but unfortunately we only get a little glimpse of them again. All in all this was a nice addition to the series and I am glad that I re-read from the beginning, for me it completed the series.

Texas Heat (Texas, #3) - RJ Scott

3.5 stars


I just did a re-read of the first two books so that I could refresh and continue with this series. I really enjoyed the first two books and I love Jack and Riley, that are just such a great couple together.  This story though, while I loved Jack and Riley, I just wish more had been focused on Eli and Robbie.  Them coming together just seemed rushed.  I was hoping for the anticipation and build up like with Jack and Riley, not the instant love that Eli declared and the Robbie.  Too much was missing for me.  I still love this series and looking forward to the next one in the series.

Double Full - Kindle Alexander

3.5 stars

I enjoyed this story and liked Jace and Colt and they fit so well together.  It was so unfair what happened to them, a decision that lasted ten years.  One thing about this story which I really liked was instead of starting in the present and having nothing but flashbacks throughout the story, the first 20% or so takes us from the very beginning of their relationship and then we jump forward ten years to where they are now.  

For the most part it was an enjoyable read with the right amount of angst.  However, I did feel that how Mitch was introduced was just too abrupt, so much so I felt like I had turned the page into another book, there just was not a smooth transition, especially so late in the book.  This also failed to really end, the mystery is not solved and while I can see how you could continue it to the next book, for these characters it didn't end.  I found that very unsatisfying.

Moments - RJ Scott

3.25 stars

RJ Scott is pretty much an auto buy author for me. Love most of the stories that the author writes. That being said, I enjoyed this one, but didn't love it. This story held a lot of promise, however I just keep feeling that there were parts missing. For me some of the side stories seemed to be just thrown in to move the plot along, but not developed enough for my tastes. I liked both Ethan and Jacob and they fit well together. I was just a little disappointed on how fast and easily Jacob seemed to change. I guess I expected more and that is an issue with my expectations, not with the writing or the story.

Hungry for Love - Rick R. Reed

While I finished this book, it was just not for me.  I found the female characters completely annoying.  I don't know which one was worse, Hannah or Marilyn.  Their juvenile behavior was more of an annoyance  and I pretty much skimmed through those parts.  As for Nate and Brandon, I didn't feel any chemistry with them.  Nate was a player and all of sudden he changes?  Brandon is a "virgin" and jumps into bed after only meeting Nate a couple of hours ago.  It was if everything that made these characters up was just thrown away as soon as they met.  Sorry, but this was just not for me.

 Kiss of Danger (SWAT—Secret Werewolf Assault Team #1)  -  Anitra Lynn McLeod

Well since this is a shifter story, you can expect the whole your my mate scenario. What was different and nice was the different take on how to know for sure if the "potential" is your mate or not with a kiss. I found this a fast read and wished that it would have gone a bit slower and we had gotten to know the characters more, but was a good start to the series. I will be interested to see how the next one is.

Colorado Wild - Sara York

Military Men Who Moonlight As Cowboys!


This book is a little hard for me to review and rate. When I started reading, it seemed like the book was going to be about Grant and Roger and to some extent it was, but then the story changed to be Billy and Tucker and in between there were the others who were at the Ranch and it all sort of jumbled together. I think a lot has to do with this being the first in the series and the author trying to establish each of the characters, but by the end of it I was confused as to who was who, which characters were straight, bi, gay or really confused on what they were. I think if this had only focused on one couple and little introductions it would have worked a lot better. There was a little too much all at once. While I liked Billy and Tucker, them getting together so easily just didn't work. I think if it had been drawn out, some angst and such it would have been more believable. Now Grant and Roger, there we get the tension, looks and the knowledge that each is fighting the attraction for their own reasons. That story I think will be good if the author can focus to just them. I am a sucker for cowboys and alpha males, which this story has completely so still a good read for me. There are some editing errors that were there, but I could overlook. I will read the next one in the series for Grant and Roger and see if the author can deliver what was started.

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25 Reasons to Read

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The Brothers Grime: Jack - Z.A. Maxfield

I must say that ZA Maxfield is becoming more and more an auto buy for me. I was little weary at first that there was going to be a lot of descriptive gore and stuff considering Jack's occupation, but that wasn't the case. I don't think I have read any other books that have crimes scene cleaners in them, so that made this different from the get go. While things happened really fast between Jack and Ryan, it didn't feel like an insta love story, more of a story of waking up and getting on with your life with a person who makes you feel good about yourself and your life. Tasha was an added bonus and I loved her.

Accidental Alpha (Pack Partners) - Poppy Dennison This was just a great short story with such a completely different take on becoming a werewolf and an Alpha of a pack. I really enjoyed all the characters, not just the MCs and really look forward to another book in series to see where the author takes all of them.
Pickup Men - L.C. Chase 3.25 stars

I really don't know how to review/rate this story. It was a well written story and I liked the story for the most part. With the way the story started, I kinda felt like I had missed a part of the story, the beginning of Tripp and Marty's relationship. The story starts about a year after they first got together. I liked Marty alot, along with Ken and Bridge, they were true friends. My feelings for Tripp were mixed. While I get his reluctance with coming out because of his career, how he treated Marty just made me mad. I actually was hoping that Marty would end up with Eric instead. No one should be treated like that. Yes, he deals with his past and all, I just still couldn't connect with him and therefore really didn't think he deserved Marty. The parts about Scott seemed thrown in, especially towards the end. Maybe that will be addressed in another story. I am curious about Bridge and Eric and whether there is anything there. While I enjoyed it, there just was something missing for me.
Jessup - Lynn Hagen 3.75 stars

I loved the cover of this book and since this was about cowboys, made it double yummy. I enjoyed this story about four brothers who own a ranch in a small town. Now having them all being gay is a bit much, but it didn't bother me too much. This is pretty much an OFY story between Jesse and Ben and at times it was a little annoying with Ben always running away and not facing his feelings. I did find the parts with Troy a little unfinished. The events with him were thrown in, but then it was like the author just dropped it and that part of the story was not really resolved. I don't know if more will be put into the next book if this series continued. I just felt that part unfinished. What I didn't expect was the ending with Chase, it was just unexpected and emotional, did not see that coming. All in all a good story and I look forward to see where the author takes this series with the other brothers.
Silent Knights - Gale Stanley 2.5
The Trouble With Trouble - Kathleen   Lee Short, but pretty good read.
Claimed by the Wolf (Channing's Wolves, #1) - Taylor McKay 2.5

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