Pickup Men - L.C. Chase 3.25 stars

I really don't know how to review/rate this story. It was a well written story and I liked the story for the most part. With the way the story started, I kinda felt like I had missed a part of the story, the beginning of Tripp and Marty's relationship. The story starts about a year after they first got together. I liked Marty alot, along with Ken and Bridge, they were true friends. My feelings for Tripp were mixed. While I get his reluctance with coming out because of his career, how he treated Marty just made me mad. I actually was hoping that Marty would end up with Eric instead. No one should be treated like that. Yes, he deals with his past and all, I just still couldn't connect with him and therefore really didn't think he deserved Marty. The parts about Scott seemed thrown in, especially towards the end. Maybe that will be addressed in another story. I am curious about Bridge and Eric and whether there is anything there. While I enjoyed it, there just was something missing for me.