Jessup - Lynn Hagen 3.75 stars

I loved the cover of this book and since this was about cowboys, made it double yummy. I enjoyed this story about four brothers who own a ranch in a small town. Now having them all being gay is a bit much, but it didn't bother me too much. This is pretty much an OFY story between Jesse and Ben and at times it was a little annoying with Ben always running away and not facing his feelings. I did find the parts with Troy a little unfinished. The events with him were thrown in, but then it was like the author just dropped it and that part of the story was not really resolved. I don't know if more will be put into the next book if this series continued. I just felt that part unfinished. What I didn't expect was the ending with Chase, it was just unexpected and emotional, did not see that coming. All in all a good story and I look forward to see where the author takes this series with the other brothers.