From the Ashes - Daisy Harris 2.5 stars

I think I was expecting more from this book, I was definitely expecting hot firefighters and while that was Tomas' occupation, that was all I got and I wanted more. The story of Jesse and Tomas was alright, the story, for me at least was missing chemistry between them. Everything just happened at such a fast pace, that there was just no development or progression in their relationship, they went from strangers to living together within a couple of pages it felt like. There were just all these little things thrown in, but not really developed. Tomas' feelings on being gay, his brother and why he was like he was, Jesse's parents (that whole Christmas visit was just weird) and a couple of more. I ended up with more questions of why at the end of the story, but unfortunately not enough to really care at that point. Sadly, this book didn't work for me.