Disasterology 101 - Taylor V. Donovan 2.5
I had a very hard time getting through this book. It just seemed to move at such a slow pace with not much going on to really move the story along until the last 15% of the book. I just could not get into Kevin or Cedric and found it very difficult to see them as couple. Kevin just seemed to take everything Cedric dished out and was just way to understanding, it made me not really like his character too much. I stuck with the story because i wanted to see how things would turn out and even found the ending a little bit of a disappointment. I believe in people overcoming and dealing with a disability, and while I do not know anything about OCD or have met anyone with that condition, I didn't find Cedric changing to be around more people, especially a room full of children and handling it with no problem realistic on how his condition was described from the beginning. If he has had this condition all of his life and it has effected him so much, I don't believe that just because he loved someone and considered them safe, his OCD would change. I don't know if it was because this book seemed so long to get anywhere or what, but once again it appears that I am in the minority in not liking the story.