Winter Winds - Missouri Dalton I love any story that involves sexy vampires, so I was very glad when this short one came out. The picture that was associated with this story, absolutely gorgeous - those eyes. I could stare at them all day. I liked the concept of a deaf vampire, it was a different take on the standard paranormal stories and enjoyed how the relationship developed slowly between Donal and Cillian along with Cillian growing into his powers and growing from outcast to master. Of course you realize early on that if it wasn't for Donal, Cillian would never have done that for himself. My only issue with the story was the mystery/conflict and the ultimate conclusion of that. It may have been because this was a short story, but it just seemed to be thrown in and the resolution just seemed rushed and not really believable for me.

All in all, the world that this author created was intriguing and I would hope that maybe we could see more, because there is definitely more that could be told with these characters.