Loving Instincts - S.J. Frost 3.5

Loving Instincts is the third book in this series and pretty much completes the love story of Titus and Andreas. The author has definitely set it up though that there is still more to tell with these two, but as far as their HEA, that part is pretty much complete. If you liked the first two stories, then it is worth reading this one. We do get to see the other characters from the first and second books, but this one is mainly about Titus and Andreas and setting up for the 4th book. I was glad to see that even though this one was still a little sugary sweet, okay maybe a lot in some places, that I got to see Titus back to being somewhat of his badass self. For me I wanted to read this one because I knew that after two books, we would have the turning of Andreas and I have to say that I was not at all disappointed, I felt the author did well. My one issue with this book, as with the previous one is that the author seems to give way more sex scenes than story. I did find myself skimming more and more of the sex scenes as they were really not adding anything to the story and sort of interrupted the flow. There is little angst in this one as with the others. All in all I have enjoyed all three of these books and while I really don't feel too much for Carl, I do want to see what happens with him.