Wake Me Up Inside - Cardeno C. I enjoyed this story for the most part and it was a different take on shifters which is always good. However, I did find the first half of the story kind of slow and a bit frustrating with the flashbacks and then having the whole waiting 12 years, it just seemed to drag a little for me. I liked both Zev and Jonah so that kept me wanting to continue with the story and see how it would all unfold. The snarkiness between these two was cute and how neither one was submissive to the other. After the halfway point the story did pick up, however the ending was sort of abrupt and I would have liked a little more and to see how Zev's family and the pack reacted to everything. Maybe in the next book. I will continue to read the series because I am curious about Miquel and Ethan and also if the author gives more of Zev and Jonah.