Chase the Storm - V.M Waitt 4.5 Stars

This book grabbed me from the beginning and held to the end. Knowing it was about a hot, sexy cowboy already had a plus side for me. For me this story put me through the ringer of emotions. There is so much going on with these two, Elijah being young and never fitting in even with his own family and Chase who lives such a solitary life and is grieving so much for his partner.

Elijah broke my heart. He is young, but working so hard to prove himself to Chase and trying to find himself at the same time for what he wants in life. Chase wanting so much to give in to his feelings, but having so much grief weighing him down. So many times throughout the book I would have loved to have an insight into Chase and what he was feeling. He could be so hard and cruel and at times I really didn't like him but could understand why he was like that. I was very happy when Chase at least started talking to Elijah and opening up a bit. Then having Chase pushing him away again for his own good (rather cliche), just put me back on the rollercoaster of emotions.

What I didn't like was Elijah going away for three years and not once contacting Chase, yes he wrote letters, but never mailed them and also sleeping with other guys just seemed wrong, sort of like cheating. I know that they weren't together anymore, but Elijah knew he was going to return. Then when he returns and they are together the first time, they don't talk about it until after they have unprotected sex.

In the end, this turned out to be a really wonderful love story, not a perfect road to happiness, lots of bump in the road, but an enjoyable journey.

I liked this authors writing and will look for more in the future from her.