Above All - Jane Elliot Opposites do attract and Jasper and Brian fit that so well. Jasper is a stubborn, talented pain in the ass scientist who has only a few friends and loves trying to get revenge with pranks that never seem to quite work out for him. Brian on the other hand, while suffering with PTSD and recovering from being hit by Jasper's car is loved by everyone, even Barney who happens to be Jasper's kitten, but loves Brian more. This story, while sad in places because of what Brian went through, really doesn't take over the story with a lot of angsty moments and there were a lot of parts that had been laughing. You realize right from the start that there are going to be a lot of issues with Brian and honestly I didn't know if he could work through them, but Jasper, while being Jasper (you will understand once you read the story), is exactly what Brian needed to begin to heal and continue to rebuild his life. Both of these two just grew on me more and more as the story unfolded and they just belonged together so much, each giving the other what they needed. I think just watching how their relationship grew so gradually and how intertwined their lives became was just so wonderful.