A Beautiful Disaster - After reading the blurb, I was interested in the whole concept of this story, getting a second chance at life and learning to trust again. Unfortunately, the story just did not work for me and how the characters acted just did not seem realistic. I could understand Sean and how he was such an emotional wreck even without the author going into the past and describing his life with Leo, he was damaged, both physically and emotionally. I didn't quite understand the same about Riordan and yes he had scars, but it was no where near on the same level and he acted like it was. My impression of Riordan was yes he was a nice guy who helped people with scars through his tattoos, but felt his whole interest was to fix Sean. He did not act towards Sean the way I felt someone who had just basically picked him up in a bar would. I would have found it more realistic if they had known each other previously and just recently met again. But the way Riordan acted with just meeting him and then Sean's complete change a little later in the book just didn't work for me.