Plan B - S.J.D. Peterson 4.5 Stars

From reading the blurb, this story seemed interesting and I looked forward to reading it and I was not disappointed. Just loved Danny. He is who he is and no one is going to change that. He is so strong and comfortable in himself and his confidence is what really made be love him. It took me a little bit longer to really like Lance, he was so confused and lost most of time, I felt that it wasn't all his fault because it seemed he was conditioned that way with how people perceive others and their prejudices. This story just proves that you fall in love with who you love and it doesn't matter who they are or what their gender is. There were some angsty parts when they were apart and made me wonder if they could overcome the obstacles that they were both putting in the way. I loved Danny's determination that no matter how he felt, he wasn't going to accept anything less than he deserved. For me this was a satisfying read with a satisfying ending.