Special Delivery  - Heidi Cullinan I had mixed feelings about this story. I just adored Sam and Mitch and thought that they fit well together. Each giving the other what they really wanted and needed. I loved how their relationship evolved over their time together, each letting go and becoming the people they really wanted to be. Then they get to Vegas and we get introduced to Randy. Now while I really did not like Randy at first AT ALL, he just seemed like a sleezy person, he did end up growing on me. However, that being said I really could have done without the three way. While I like menage stories, this did not work for me. Mitch and Randy's past history together was just odd for me to understand. The whole thing with Mitch having been away and not spoken to Randy for 2 years and then they get to Vegas and pick up like nothing had happened. That whole part of the story just did not work for me and would have been just as happy if it was left out. However, I still enjoyed the other aspects of the story and while the ending seemed rushed, loved how it ended.