Chaser - Rick R. Reed I have mixed feelings about rating and writing a review of this book. My rating is really for the first half of the story. It is hard to really write anything without giving away spoilers. I really liked both the MCs, however really wanted to just slap Caden upside the head several times because he was just being stupid and superficial when he returned and saw Kevin. The first half of the book was good and I really liked the direction the story was taking. I will have to say that about halfway, I really couldn't put it down because I had to see where the author was going with this story. I really couldn't believe the path the story was taking with Bobby. Did I like Bobby, not at all. He could have been hit by the El and I would have been quite happy. He was not even a character that you love to hate. When the deception and lies started with Bobby, I really just wanted to stop reading the story, at that point it became a completely different story and no longer enjoyable, how could a friend do that?. I know that was the point of the story, but it was just such a change from the beginning. Then the story really just ends. WTH. After all the miscommunications, everything that happened, all is forgiven between Kevin and Caden and nothing happens to Bobby? I felt very cheated and disappointed that I went through this whole ordeal with these three and then that's it.