Inferno - Scarlet Blackwell As other people have said in reviews, there are parts of this book that were great and other parts that were a bit unbelievable, but for me I just couldn't put the book down and had to keep reading. You could feel what was coming, knew it wasn't going to be good, but as much as you want to not read it, you just have to keep going. Dante is an ass, pure and simple. Does he have any redeeming qualities? Not really, but I just loved him. As far as Zack, I just kept shaking my head, wanting to scream at him to actually think before he made another bad decision and there were many. The main focus was the murder mystery and I think the author did a good job, balancing that with Dante and Zach's unusual relationship. I will say that the last 15% of the book made me a little bit disappointed, things changed too much and were not consistent with how the story began and some parts very unbelievable and seemed to be done to provide the happy ending that everyone would want. That being said, it was an intense and enjoyable read and I think people will either really enjoy this book or completely dislike it.