Surviving Elite High - John H. Ames I went into this story with a little apprehension, first because I normally do not read YA stories and second because from the blurb and reviews I knew there would be bullying, drama and tears. I am so glad that I did read it because I would have missed out so much on such a refreshing and wonderful story. There is so much to love about John and you can't help but love him from page one of the story. I was a little leary at first of Nick, because I kept waiting for him to be a jerk to John or hurt him, but Nick turned out not to be and you saw a completely different side to him. John and Nick are perfect together and make each other so much stronger. Madison and Kitty just rounded the story out as best friend and protectors of John and ultimately to Nick as well. I can't wait for a continuation of this story to see the ups and downs that they have to face now and how everything works out for all of them.