The Luckiest - Piper Vaughn, M.J. O'Shea 4.5 stars

I really think that this was my favorite. Even though we met Nicky in the other book, this is really the first time you really get to see him. I didn't want to like him at all, all we have seen so far is the surface and in this book we learned that there was so much more to Nicky that by the end of the book, you just can't help but love him. Luka was definitely the perfect person for him, calm, steady and refused to give in to the crap that Nicky kept throwing his way. I liked how they started out as friends and slowly developed into more. Luka challenged Nicky's behavior and made him see how his actions affect others, especially when the one getting hurt was normally Luka. There was some really sweet moments and I loved the cute puppies that make you really make you feel how well these two fit together.