The Ranch Foreman - Rob Colton I wasn't going to read this one, but it ended up on my e-reader and I randomly picked it. I really didn't like Baxter, he was an ass and I felt that he did nothing but walk all over Matty throughout the book and treated him like crap. I understand that he was deeply in the closet, etc., but it didn't make it right and I kind of wished Matty wasn't so wishy washy when it came to him. However, without that of course we wouldn't have had a story. The writing was good and that is probably why I continued to read as much as Baxter annoyed me. I believe that if the author had made Baxter a little more likeable or given us his perspective and what he was really feeling, it would have been so much better.

On a side note, and just my opinion, when you have a character like Baxter who is a hard ass and gruff throughout the book, having him all of sudden say "honey" or "babe" just is so out of character that for me it becomes annoying. Just doesn't fit.