Same Page - Lily Velden 2.5 stars

I really have mixed feelings about this book. It was slow going in the beginning, but about a quarter the way through when Jaxon and Liam were actually in the same place together, things started to be good. Even with the instant lust that Jaxon felt for Liam, we got sort of a courtship, watching them develop a really nice and close friendship, which turns into more. However, the problem I had with the story was with Jaxon naming his penis and then basically carrying on conversations with him constantly, then if that was not bad enough, he has to name Liam's body parts, including his ass. It reduced the book to being so childish for me. Then once they got together, there were no conversations, it was constant sex. It was if the great friendship that they had, and all the things they had done together as friends was just gone.

I wish the story would have ended, however, it is basically a HFN and there are a couple of questions about how their relationship can continue that you will need to read the next book. Unfortunately for me, because of the issues I had with this one, unless someone tells me it doesn't overshadow the next one, I will not even give it a try which is a shame. This could have been such a wonderful book.