Keys to Love - S.J. Frost I was a little concerned before I started reading this one because I wasn't sure about the character of Julian. We really didn't get to much about him in the previous books that made me want to read about him. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and pleased. I liked both him and Morgan together. At first I honestly thought that he would get together with Jesse brother, Brandon, but glad that they brought in a new character for him. I was glad that there was no conflict again with leaving to protect the other because that was done in the first book and gets old. The story that revolved around them as a secondary plot was alright, but seemed a little thrown in to give the book mystery and/or drama, but honestly the author could have just left that part out. It didn't add anything to the story. I enjoyed that we still get all the characters from the first two books still an important part of the story instead of just localizing on just Julian and Morgan. I am really enjoying this series. This series is just an enjoyable read for me.