Colorado Wild - Sara York

Military Men Who Moonlight As Cowboys!


This book is a little hard for me to review and rate. When I started reading, it seemed like the book was going to be about Grant and Roger and to some extent it was, but then the story changed to be Billy and Tucker and in between there were the others who were at the Ranch and it all sort of jumbled together. I think a lot has to do with this being the first in the series and the author trying to establish each of the characters, but by the end of it I was confused as to who was who, which characters were straight, bi, gay or really confused on what they were. I think if this had only focused on one couple and little introductions it would have worked a lot better. There was a little too much all at once. While I liked Billy and Tucker, them getting together so easily just didn't work. I think if it had been drawn out, some angst and such it would have been more believable. Now Grant and Roger, there we get the tension, looks and the knowledge that each is fighting the attraction for their own reasons. That story I think will be good if the author can focus to just them. I am a sucker for cowboys and alpha males, which this story has completely so still a good read for me. There are some editing errors that were there, but I could overlook. I will read the next one in the series for Grant and Roger and see if the author can deliver what was started.