Clark's Story (The Making of a Man, #4) - Diane  Adams 4.5 To be honest I had been holding off reading this book. I loved the first three books and Jared/Alex. My hesitancy was because this was going to be about Clark and Stevie, and though I liked both those characters from previous books, I wasn't sure if I wanted to give up my Jared/Alex love for them to have their own book.

I absolutely love how the author gives us a glimpse of the future in the beginning so you don't lose hope when things turn rough throughout the book, you know it will be okay. This was a beautifully played out romantic story between Clark and Stevie. There were times I really didn't like Stevie though. I was so happy that we continued to get to see Jared and Alex and how their lives have unfolded and how they are such an large part of Clark and Stevie's lives, they are all truly a family. I can't wait until the next book because there is still so much more to learn and love with all these characters.