Double Full - Kindle Alexander

3.5 stars

I enjoyed this story and liked Jace and Colt and they fit so well together.  It was so unfair what happened to them, a decision that lasted ten years.  One thing about this story which I really liked was instead of starting in the present and having nothing but flashbacks throughout the story, the first 20% or so takes us from the very beginning of their relationship and then we jump forward ten years to where they are now.  

For the most part it was an enjoyable read with the right amount of angst.  However, I did feel that how Mitch was introduced was just too abrupt, so much so I felt like I had turned the page into another book, there just was not a smooth transition, especially so late in the book.  This also failed to really end, the mystery is not solved and while I can see how you could continue it to the next book, for these characters it didn't end.  I found that very unsatisfying.