Texas Family  - RJ Scott

3.5. stars

The last couple of days I have spent my reading time with the Campbell-Hayes family and all they have gone through from their first meeting all the way through to them starting and possibly completing their family and it was a wonderful journey. While this was not my favorite of the series, it was still another good story. I don't know if it is, but this seemed like the final book in this series, even though it could go on since this story introduced Liam and Marcus and we only got a little bit of them. I both enjoyed this one, but also felt that it was a little rushed. Of course there was a lot of focus on them having their children, however I felt the parts about Max were a little strange and unbelievable. Max is only mentioned a couple of times and seemed their interaction was only on a couple of visits (that we were told about), but all of sudden there is this whole adoption thing. That would have been fine, but why we were told about his special needs, then nothing further said. That part just didn't work for me. I was looking forward to maybe seeing a little more of Robbie/Eli, but unfortunately we only get a little glimpse of them again. All in all this was a nice addition to the series and I am glad that I re-read from the beginning, for me it completed the series.