Sebastian's Wolves - Valentina Heart

3.5 stars

This was not a typical sweet and loving I'm your my mate so we will be perfect together story. Is there an instant lust/mate bond, yes, but sweet and loving - not so much (at least I didn't feel that way). The way this story started was not what I expected and I guess, to me, seem a little brutal, but they are shifters so I continued. After Sebastian took off and stayed a wolf for so long I became intrigued with the story and this world and held on for the ride and I was not disappointed. There were what you could consider "sweet" moments, but they were more with how the pack interacted than between Eshan and Sebastian. But I really loved these two and for actually most of the other members of the pack. I thought the ending with Konner was fitting and funny consider he was the most against it. I hope that we get to see more of all of them in the next book.