Bloody Love Spats (Among Wolves) - Valentina Heart


I am going to start with that this book did not work for me. I had a little hope when I started reading this one because it started off not as I was expecting considering how the first book started, which was a good thing. We are first introduced to Tomi and some of the things he was saying/thinking were amusing. Unfortunately for me the book didn't really get much better for me after that. There was too many things that were brought up and then just dropped, I ended up with so many questions and there was no answers. 

Tomi is a prince, his sister is the Queen, that's all we are really told. Tomi is humiliated and taunted all of his life behind his sister's back, sort of skipped over, not really explained why. He has some powers but can't control them, no explanation. The biggest one for me was Stone and Tomi mated, all of a sudden they were each getting stronger, never explained. Supposedly there was a reason and that is why it was forbidden, but it was never explained, just sort of dropped. There was so much like that.  Very, very frustrating

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 Unfortunately, this story just misses on too many levels for me.